My happy list


I saw an inspirational post on flora-and-fauna-blog and I said I must do it too. So this is on my happy list:

My baby’s beautiful smile! He has an amazing smile and he knows how to use it, especially when he wants something 🙂  He is little, but, ohhh boy, how clever he is!

Autumn! Yep, i love everything about it: its colors, the rain, the weather – not too hot, not too cold ~ just perfect! Also it was Autumn when I found out that I was pregnant and my love pop the big question on a beautiful autumn evening. Actually the photo above is from the next day, when we decided to go for a walk in the park. (p.s. love my ring 😉 )

Coffee! It is my everyday delight.  It’s that moment in the day when David hasn’t woke up and  I enjoy my coffee, read the news and listen my favorite song.

Music! Katie Melua, John Legend and Boyce Avenue are on my playlist now. My day starts and ends with them. Life is more beautiful with music!

A cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon and a romantic movie on a cold and rainy day!  And my handsome husband next to me! 😉

My adorable baby sleeping on me (he likes it too :-D)

Saturday night dinner with my sweet hubby, made and served by him (delicious food, romantic candles, his awesome smile).

Watching my angel sleep. He’s adorable! I could watch him for hours! He likes to put his feet on me just  to make sure I’m not going anywhere. 🙂

A great book. I am so sad that now I don’t have time to read, my baby takes all my time; all I read are poetries(that I read to him and he seems to love them).

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & ‘How I met your mother’ addict!  My guilty pleasures! I’ve waited  all summer for the new episodes  😀

A glass of red wine (OMG how much I miss red wine)

A huge box of Raffaello! I’m in love with these candies!

A long, hot bubble bath.

A photo that perfectly captures a perfect moment (this and the previous one are  on my list too flora-and-fauna-blog., hope you won’t mind for writing them here).
And that’s it! Little things that make me happy!



2 thoughts on “My happy list

  1. This was so sweet! Made me smile BIG time! I thought I was the only one who knew about Katie Melua, she is just brilliant isn’t she?! And don’t I know about not having time to read with a baby :(, I’ve been staying up past my bed time lately just trying to finish up a few books, it’s kind of worth it :).
    Thanks so much for joining in darling!


  2. Yes, she’s kind of amazing; her voice is so beautiful! It’s hard to make time, but I’m trying because there’s nothing more exciting than starting a new book. Thank you for visiting my blog. P.S. Love your blog! 🙂

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