Happy Monday!

It’s a new week and here we go again. It was a busy weekend for us. We went for some shopping (soon a post about that), baby & mum needed some new items and then it was such a busy Sunday. Food to make (many thanks to my husband who likes to cook, ’cause I really didn’t have any idea what to do πŸ™‚ ), some cleaning, and in the evening we had some guests (3 kids..OMG..more than I can handle :-P), so the day went so quickly.. We began this week with optimism and hope that will be a good one. The baby wins me with his smile and I’m in loved with him more and more.. He’s so sweet and good and likes listening the same music.. so for me is a win! πŸ™‚ We got up at 8, even better, considering that usually he wakes up at 6-7.. So we had a very good start! Β Now he’s taking a nap, so I have some time to read my news and enjoy my cup of coffee! πŸ™‚





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