Chocolate & Caramel Cake

Yesterday I’ve made (better said”I tried to make”) a cake, which is something not so usual for me, especially because until 2 years ago I didn’t know how a kitchen looked like.  Since I was a little girl my mum was that person who cooked and made the most delicious cakes & co. that I’ve ever ate… Also until I got pregnant I didn’t even liked sweets. I’m more a chips and popcorn kind of person. But when I got pregnant I started to have a daily craving for chocolate.. So.. yesterday I’ve decided to make a chocolate & caramel cake with pineapple and clementines. I don’t know if it looks good, but, according to my husband it tasted amazing (we ate it all at I suppose it was pretty good).  🙂

This is how it started:

This is how I finished: image


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