Baby has new cool stuff

When my parents send us the package they put a lot of things for the baby, like clothes, toys, blankets. He is their favorite and they are so happy every time when we speak on Skype (this is every day :-D). They like to buy him stuff and this is the third time (I think) they send us a box full of goodies, for us and for him. David has won their hearts from the first time they saw him and since then they are so happy! I think this is what they wanted for a long time and, let’s face it, nobody can resist to that pretty, sweet, amazing smile he has.

David has so many clothes now and sometimes I feel bad because he grows up so fast and I’m afraid I won’t have time to dress him with all of them. Already some of the things he has are small and I didn’t had the chance to give them to him. And they’re so cuteeee 😦

So I thought it will be nice to have some memories and so fun to make him pictures in different outfits. That’s why I’ll make a new category with “Outfit of the week”. πŸ™‚

They also send him a book and a toy πŸ™‚ He is so excited to play with them! I’ve read to him a few times and he seems to like it. He likes my voice when I read to him and he pays so much attention!Β wpid-IMG_20131011_103036.jpg


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