D’s first solid food!

Yeyyy!! We started to eat something else, not just mummy’s milk 🙂 This week I started to give him solid food and I must say it was a real challenge, but let’s start with the beginning.

I’ve read a lot of books all my life, and in the last years, because of my university years I’ve read a lot of economics book, but I must admit, I’ve never read so many books, articles in such a short time. I’ve tried to find as many information as I could regarding this subject, baby food, but the more I read the more confused I become. Someone says something, somebody something else; so many opinions!!! So I started to ask the nurse that comes home to the baby, my mother, friends with kids and so on and in the end I’ve managed to put all that information in a certain order and to make my own choice. I’ve decided to trust my instinct and not to listen to all those people who said give him that, make that, start early and so on.  I’ve learned that you’ll receive tips/information even if you didn’t ask for them (people think they know it all just because they gave birth to 3-4 kids a thousand years ago). I’ve tried to remain calm and just do what I thought is better for my child. Nobody, except yourself, knows what is better for your baby! Nobody!! You know best what he wants, what he needs and when. I don’t think people are mean, they just think they know better because they are older than you, and that’s ok! Just do your thing, no matter what they say!

And now, coming back to our subject, I must say I think I like it more when he had only my milk. Now I have to make the food, wash the dishes, wash and change him every single time and so on. As you can see, he likes to get involved (and I love that) and he tries to eat by himself (I encourage this because no matter the mess that it will be I want him to do it himself, to be independent and to have a good time).  So I tried that this moment of the day, when he eats, to be a fun one, to play and laugh together. Yes, it’a a lot of work after that but it’s worth it! 

I started with avocado (I think is a great start) and today we tried a little bit of carrot puree(he didn’t like it so I think I’ll try something else tomorrow and we’ll come back to carrot a little bit later). He likes it, he enjoys it and he is very interested in all this stuff. IMG_20131023_132221




DSC_8687I love this picture! It looks like he’s thinking, something like: I ate, I’ve played, but let’s be serious: What is next? Sweet baby boy!! Love him til the moon and back!!!


My clever boy! Just look at him how he finished his food and now he wipes his mouth 🙂 Soo cute!! :XXXXX


Sites, blogs and articles that I’ve seen/read and I think they are very helpful (at least for me they were :-)):














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