November 1st: blanket of leaves



Cold. Rain. Wind. Wet leaves. Hot Coffee.  November. Thank’s right! November is here! I don’t know when the time flew so fast; just a little bit and is winter 😦 I can’t complain, there were some busy months full of beautiful  and unforgettable moments. Hope his winter will be at least as great as it was last year.

Last Christmas was so magical for us: we went home to be with our families and on 29 we had our Engagement Party! We’ve had our first New Year’s Eve as husband and wife and we loved it! Baby was also with us on both of the occasions (I was 6 months pregnant :-))

So this year will be our first Christmas together with our baby boy! I can’t wait for the Christmas to came! I’m more than excited to spend the most beautiful time of the year with the most important people in my life: My handsome husband and my adorable son! 

Here to an amazing winter!!!


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