“A portrait of my baby, every week, once a week, in 2013”

Ohhh this week was full of firsts and beautiful moments. For the first time he learned how to crawl (actually he jumps more, but still…he is so adorable :-))

The first picture happend while I was folding some clothes and I grabbed quickly my phone, so it’s blurry… and the second it’s after he saw me..so he stopped and gave me a smile, like he usually does πŸ™‚

Also we put the crib near our bed because he moves a lot and we are afraid not to find him under the bed :-D… And I noticed that he likes to stay up, so he stood on his feet(I’m sooo proud)! I wish i could choose only one photo, but hardly I could choose only 3! His week he made so many new things..trying to crawl..trying to walk..discoreving a new fascination for the bottles, talking more and more and smiling and making all kinds of sounds and faces. Ohhhh my sweet baby boy..you grow so fast and I love you more and more, if this can be possible!<3<3<3


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