About FLA


Hi. My name is Gabriela and I am the girl behind this blog. I live in Denmark with my funny husband, I. and my sweet baby boy, D.

Family portrait (first days with my parents)♥

Family portrait (first days with my parents)♥

I have an amazing  4 months old son, David, and this is our world, actually, his world! A place with smiles, colors, magic and happiness!   He is very curious about all that surrounds him (he likes to discover new and interesting things). That’s why I write this blog for him, so when he grows up he can look back and see how it was when he was a baby. It’s like an album. 🙂

However, I’ll try something different: to speak from his point of view; I’ll try to imagine how he sees this new world for him and to put it into words! Hope I’ll succeed! The posts usually have a description of his outfit, because babies can be fashionable too! 😉

Initially called “David’s Fabulous World”, being mostly about this little angel that came into our lives this year, this blog has now a new name: “Family Love Affair” and currently acts as our family scrapbook (it’s a place where we write about our daily activities, big moments and, of course, we document the evolution of our baby boy: his firsts and all.)

The texts are written/ photos are taken by me, so if you want to know something send me an e-mail at davidsworld@yahoo.com.

Hope you enjoy your  journey into our World!


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