5 months old ~ birthday reloaded

I promised I will come back with more pictures from David’s 5 months old birthday, so here they are. We started celebration at 7:49 am, when he’s dad went to work and we finished at 8 pm. Such a beautiful day it was!











Cap by Brums

Sweater by benetton

Pants by Benetton.





Cap by brums

Bodysuit by Fagottino

Sweater by hm

Pants by hm

Socks by benetton.


He is such an adorable boy and he knows so many things. He is very curious, wherever we go and he likes to see it all. Either we go by car or by bus he likes to look through the window to see outside. I think the likes how the images change. Also, he doesn’t like to stay in his stroller or in his crib, but he likes a lot that I hold him in my arms and just walk to show him the trees, the flowers, the paintings that we have on the wall and any other things that captures his attention. Here are some of the things he’s learned to do until now:

-He likes red things and “The Gummy bear song”. I think he could listen to this song all day long.

-He’s holding his bottle since he was 2 and a half months old. :-p

– He tries to get up and sit by himself and he is so nervous because he doesn’t succeed.

– He’s homing in on sounds. He realizes where sounds come from and he turns quickly toward that place. He turns his head when I call him and he has such a big smile on his face that I melt.

-He’s developed his sense of humor. He laughs a lot. We made some movies with him while his dad made funny faces at him, but we do not always succeed because when he sees the camera he stays still (he’s so clever). OMG his laugh is contagious.

-He gets bored easily and he tries to show me that I have to do something regarding this thing. He’s so smart!

-He’s a little bit manipulative when he wants to get something. And if he wants it he usually gets it.

-I don’t know if i can put this to the think he does: I can’t really say he likes toys to play with, but he likes to put them into his mouth. He’s at that moment when everything he gets with his hands he’s putting in his mouth, everything! Even his feet 🙂 The other day he just took a doughnut from the plate and tried to eat it. Ohhh, sweet baby boy.

-He’s working his legs and rocking and trying to crawl but he gets nervous because he can’t. Actually he’a a little bit like a cancer, he crawls backwards.

-Also, he’s trying to stay on his feet and he’s always making me to hold him to stay like that. He’a very stubborn.

-He has a lot of energy and he moves (rolls over) very fast. I put him on his back, I watch the other side or I go to the kitchen for a second and he’s on his tummy on the other side of the bed. I think some day I will find him under the bed and he will play with me hide and seek.

-He likes strangers, especially the girls, and he smiles so cute at them that every girl/women smiles back at him. He’s very charismatic.

-He’s practicing communication: he has discovered many sounds that he can make with his tongue and lips. He makes two-syllable sounds, such as “ah-goo”, “bu-bu”, “ah-ga”, “ma-ma”, “da-da” and many others and I think he really says something in his language. Maybe all babies have a language of their own and us, the grown ups, can’t understand it.

– He gives “raspberries” — make a razzing sound with his lips. I love him even more when he’s doing this, if it’s possible that. ❤

What can I say more?! He’s my treasure, my miracle, my sunshine, my everything!

P.S. Today, 2nd of October, at 5 months and 12 days I saw that David’s first tooth is appearing 🙂 Love you so much, you gorgeous, beautiful, clever boy!


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